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The Black Woman Aesthetic creates spaces for dialogue and discovery about the complex intersections of race, gender identity, class, sexual orientation and faith. We showcase what equity and justice look like for Black people in the US. through art, education, and dialogue. The Black Woman Aesthetic serves as a platform that affirms the experiences of Black people. 

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B.W.A. is a podcast about the representation of black female bodies in art and culture. It captures the stories of black women in a sound collage that showcases our power and what equity and justice look like for black women in the US. Through discussions about the complex intersections of our race, gender identity, class, sexual orientation and faith each guest’s story will serve as a brush stroke that affirms our experiences and lets us know that we are not alone.

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Social Art Box is a subscription service that moves subscribers from wondering what they can do about racism and anti-blackness to taking actionable steps toward uncovering and combating their racist and anti-black beliefs and behaviors. 

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Nikki Brooks is a multi-disciplinary artist that works specifically in installations and assemblage that are infused with digital and audio elements, paintings, sculpted text, and collage spaces. The goal of her work is to shed light on how power has weighed on the social construct, economical, and physical disparities within the black community and provides an illusion of comfort to draw in non-black audiences to look into a deeper window of how power has remained silent and taken a hands off approach to these issues that still plague the black community.

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